DIY Fencepost Compact Case

Designed to fit inside a 5 inch PVC pipe, this fun little enclosure is perfectly designed for Christmas Lights.


Featuring space for power supplies on lower level and tons of room for components on upper level. So much in so little space.


  • Small & Compact, designed to fit inside a 5 inch square PVC pipe
  • Fully customizable component holes using the JDeation Designer
  • Fully rainproof
  • Holds standard 350w power supplies.
  • Pre cut for 40 mm fan (optional)
  • Holes for cable clamps
  • Mounts in the yard using rebar stake or secure in trees due to small size

Featured Variations - Customize & Download

DIY / Assembly Instructions

Parts Required for Assembly

  • 5" Square Vinyl fence post pipe - (Available at Home Depot)
  • 5" Vinyl Fence post cap - (Available at Home Depot) or (Thingiverse)
  • 3/4 inch PVC Pipe for ground stake
  • ZipTies
  • The following pieces of hardware are required for assembly.
    1. 4-40 standoffs / screws for mounting components (PS, Controller, Power Dist, etc...)
    2. 4mm Power Supply Screws

    We offer Hardware kits which includes the hardware required.

    Our kits are cheaper than buying parts at home depot and contain exactly the parts you need.

    HW Kit for DIY Fencepost Compact Case

    * example image only
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Assembly Video