The 3D Project Box

Professional Results at Home

Create a custom project boxes / enclosure for your DIY electronics project

Our unique web 2D layout engine allows you to:
  1. Layout your electronic parts (arduino, raspi, bbb, etc...),
  2. Arrange your i/o controls (buttons, screens, switches, etc...),
  3. The system renders a custom 3D project box model that can be printed on your 3d printer

How It Works on Youtube


This project launched in 2022 and is a very part time volunteer effort.

I believe this software has enormous opportunity by combining the simplicity of 2D design with 3D objects.

If you would like to contribute your time to this effort, please contact us.

The types of Volunteers we need:
  1. Full stack developers (php or javascript)
  2. 3D designers to build new enclosure designs
  3. Component Curators who add new components in 2D to jdeation catalog
  4. Social Media Marketer who could help us spread the word
  5. Product Owner to manage the chaos


Jdeation 3D Tower Enclosure (Medium)

View Example Design