Component - Falcon F16v2 / F16V3 v1.0 Expansion Board - v1.0

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Falcon F16v2 / F16V3 v1.0 Expansion Board - v1.0 2D Component

Falcon F16v2 / F16v3 Expansion Board - v1.0
Screw Size = M3

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Component Design

Component Type: Manual


Validation Status: Validated


Mounting Hardware Required: YES

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Part NameQty
Male-Female Threaded Jack Screws, 5/16" Long Male Thread4
Steel Locknut with External-Tooth Lock Washer, Zinc-Plated, 4-40 Thread Size4
Zinc-Plated Steel Pan Head Phillips Screw, 4-40 Thread, 3/16" Long4
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