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The Jdeation 3D Tower allows you to create a professional looking, fully custom, 3D printable enclosure for your electronics project.

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Click the EDIT button below to add your specific electronics components on the inside such as Rasperry PI or Arduino microcontrollers. On the front and back plates add buttons, switches, displays, and vinyl labels to give your design a professional look.

More Info:

Jdeation 3D's mission is to allow the Maker Electronics community to create professional project enclosures using hobby based 3D printers and Vinyl label cutters. This project is a work in progress and we need your help. Find out about the project, how it came to be, and how you can help it become amazing on our Project Page http://jdeation.com/3d-project-boxes

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Design ID : IO0033WE

Designer : jchancel

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Jdeation Design Specifics

1x Jdeation Design Files

Components Used in Design

Parts Used in Design (Details)

12x Phillips Rounded Head Thread-Forming Screws, for Plastic, Zinc-Plated Steel, M2.5 Size, 6 mm Long Purchase
4x Unthreaded Bumper, SBR Rubber, 3/8" OD, 1/4" High Purchase

DIY Build & Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions for - Jdeation 3D Tower Enclosure (Medium)

Please read these instructions fully and carefully before beginning your assembly. A little bit of learning and planning can make the difference between a easy great assembly and a hard mistake prone assembly.
The following assembly instructions contain both design specific and general assembly instruction which may not be specific to your design.