Jdeation Seeks Business Partnership

Jdeation is founded by Jason Chancellor who has treated the Jdeation business as a side hobby business for a number of years. Our passion is in the designer software itself and we are now seeking a Partner to run the fabrication / business side of the house. This will allow the Jdeation team more capacity to continue to improve the Jdeation Software, while having a true manager / fabrication partner will allow the business side of the company to grow exponentially.

Overview of Jdeation Designer

Jdeation is an online 2D engineering designer software - you can see documentation videos here: Jdeation Help

Two Initial Products have been launched using the Jdeation Designer Software:

1. Waterproof Project Boxes (Electronics Mounting Plates)


Our bread and butter for 3 years in the Pixel Sequencing Community, our designer software allows you to find, change, and create mounting plates for a large number of waterproof enclosures, and pixel electronics.

Key Software Features:

  1. Drag and Drop interface allows you to place electronics components exactly where you want them.
  2. Designer auto creates mounting holes exactly for your components.
  3. Software auto calculates exact HW mounting parts needed based on design (This HW is then sold by jdeation)
  4. Tight integration with cnc fabrication machines.

2. Front Plate / Label Kit Designer Software.


Our new front plate designer software allows you to layout ports, network connections, and other panel mount components on the f ront or side of an enclosure and then decorate those components to create a professional looking front / side panel look for your electronics enclosure.

Key Software Features:

  1. All of the features of our Waterproof Project Boxes plus…
  2. Decorate your front plate adding text, lines, circlies and squares
  3. Designs import into Cricut and Silhouette DIY vinyl label cutters for easy at-home production

Fabricating Jdeation Designs

The fabrication process is highly optimized / automated. Typical customer purchases takes less than 7 minutes from fabrication start to shipped product and the Jdeation software has been built to integrate directly to the most popular laser cutter and vinyl cutter software.

To fabricate a Jdeation Design the following equipment is currently used:

  1. 100w CO2 Laser with bed size of at least 500x700.
  2. Vinyl cutter
  3. HW Parts counting process / machine. We use a prototype parts counting machine which could be potentially improved to become a production ready machine:

Jdeation Business

The Jdeation fabrication business is a highly profitable business with net profit margins of about 130% factoring in material, labor, equipment upkeep, etc… (excluding software development costs)

Jdeation has purposely relied on word of mouth to grow the business. There has been a very little investment in advertising yet the business continues to grow by about 20% YOY. This slow and steady approach has been deliberate as Jdeation ownership has treated this as a hobby side business for the last 3 years.

We believe the huge opportunity to grow revenue is through cross selling Jdeation mounting plates / vinyl label kits with enclosure sales, electroncs sales, etc… to provide a one stop shop for a customer to design their dream enclosure, and then with one purchase receive all the parts necessary to build the enclosure.

Jdeation Partnership Opportunity

Our goal is to continue to focus on the development of the software side of Jdeation Designer and find a 3rd party Partner to take over the ecommerce and fabrication portion of the business.

What we seek in a Partner – not required, just ideal traits:

  1. US Based (may also consider foreign based locations but not primary focus). Note Jdeation is currently located in Dallas TX
  2. Active experience (or significant prior experience) running an online retail business.
  3. Amazing customer service – we view customer service as our number one priority and want to find partners that have that same passion for customer service.
  4. Prior / Existing experience running a business in the Pixel Sequencing community.
  5. Prior experience running a sign shop / fabrication shop. The tools used by Jdeation fabrication are the same tools used in a sign shop

There are 2 primary partnership opportunities we are currently considering:

  1. White Label (Preferred Option)

    In this option the entire Jdeation platform is rehosted to appear as part of the partners website. Customers go to the partners website and Jdeation is simply a tab / link / portion of partners website experience.

    How It Works
    • Jdeation website is rebranded to match the colors, logos, look and feel of the fabrication Partner’s existing website.
    • Url of white labeled jdeation website could be something custom like designer.partnerwebsite.com
    • This would be an exclusive partnership per industry (Pixel Sequencing Community) for a set period of time with options to renew
    • Jdeation would receive a revenue share kickback on each fabrication order sold.
    • Due to the exclusive nature of the White Labeled option, there would be a minimum revenue share amount to be paid to Jdeation monthly


    • Partner will handle all management of ecommerce site, marketing, merchandising, fabrication and customer service
    • Jdeation will continue to improve the design software and work with the fabrication partner to implement partners feature requests into the platform.
    • Jdeation will serve as L2 support to answer customers technical questions about the Jdeation design software itself

  2. Separate Jdeation and Fabrication Platforms

    Similar to how the experience works today, Jdeation users continue to come to the Jdeation website and at time of purchase are redirected to the fabrication Partners store for checkout.

    How It Works
    • Jdeation website is integrated with partners ecommerce platform so that pricing and links between the two sites are consistent.
    • Customers come to Jdeation website as they do today and when they find a product they wish to buy they are redirected to the fabrication Partners store.
      - Note: this is exactly how it is done today but in todays world the Jdeation team manages both the design software and the separate ecommerce store.
    • Jdeation would receive a revenue share kickback on each fabrication order sold.
    • Exclusivity is still an option but not a requirement with this option. Exclusivity requires min monthly revenue payment to Jdeation


    • Partner will handle all management of ecommerce site, merchandising, fabrication and pre/post sale customer service
    • Jdeation will handle general marketing and L1 customer service helping customers use the design software
    • Jdeation will continue to improve the design software and work with the fabrication partner to implement partners feature requests into the platform.

Next Steps

If you are seriously interested in a partnership with Jdeation we would love to hear from you. We know there will be many items to work through but we are motivated to finding a working arrangement that meets the goals of both Jdeation and the partner.

For more information, please contact Jason at mailto:jason.chancellor@jdeation.com